Want to heal yourself from the inside out?

Learn self-healing techniques that will slow down the chaos in your mind and give rest to your body, helping you regain control of your life and live from a place of peace and calm.

Healing habits:

Bring peace and calm back into your body and mind.
Will change your mindset and energyflow.
Help reconnect you to your body.

Simple, yet effective techniques to heal yourself on many levels.

Review Natalie Kotitsas:
"I thought the topics were really great. They covered a wide range and I learnt so many new tecniques within each of them. They already have made such a difference to feeling a little more in control of my mind throughout the day. I most defenitely recommend the course to anyone, especially if you suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, depression or OCD/ phobias. So many wonderful =, effective techniques that work."

Dealing with anxiety, stress or overwhelm?

You have alot on your plate right now. You feel exhausted, unmotivated, depleated and frankly....just tired of dealing with all this. I feel you! I have been in your situation and found my way out. Let these Healing Habits give you the foundations to live your best life...one with peace and calm.

Lost the connection with your body?

When the mind takes over, filled with anxious, negative thought patterns, we tend to loose the connection with our body. To feel secure in your own body, you have to reconnect from within. Regaining that connection will be the foundation you can build upon. With trust in your body and trust in yourself.

Are negative thoughts taking over your mind?

The ongoing chatter in your mind, is it a positive voice? Probably not. You tend to be quite hard on yourself. You don't feel good enough. A negative thought pattern is exhausting and you know what...they are false! Lies you tell yourself to stay in your comfortzone. Time to step up and own your power

What will Healing Habits do for you?

Heal from within

The techniques in this course are proven to be effective for calming both mind and body. They will support your healing journey in a unique way, no matter where you are now.

Healing every day

Easily turn the techniques in this course into habits. They can be done in only a few minutes a day, no overwhelming tasks to add to a to-do list or long programmes.

Techniques galore

Due to the number of techniques show in this course, you can pick and choose whichever suits you best and resonates with you most in your healing journey. They will all benefit you.

Course content:

The course has several modules, all with their own topics. Every topic will be  explained thoroughly. A workbook will give you even more ways to work with the techniques shown. Many topics also come with additional downloads, like a guided meditation, EFT tapping session,  a journaling session and more. All for you to get the best experience in the use of these techniques.

What the course won't do for you

Healing Habits is not a quick fix. It's important to take time for the techniques shown in this course, not just a 'try it once' option. The techniques are not miracle workers, they do require some dedication on your part so you can feel the power they hold. For more serious disruptions in your mental health, like severe trauma, I strongly advise you to seek professional help. The techniques can help you find better balance and peace of mind, but will work even better when combined with professional help in more serious situations.

About me

I am Susanne, a lifecoach with a passion for self-healing, self-love and self-care. I am very excited that you are here and that I get to share these self-healing techniques with you that have been and still are very powerful in my life. They have guided me when I felt my weakest and now I can live the life I want, they can do the same for you!
I am honored that I get to help you in your own healing journey. After overcoming a severe phobia and dealing with ptsd, I still use these techniques whenever I feel anxious or overwhelmed. Now, thanks to these techniques, I live a life I am proud of: with a calm mind, healthy body and happy mindset. They provide a safe haven for me and I truly hope they will do the same for you. We will do this together!


How long does the course take?
– The course content is about 60 minutes long, but you decide the tempo you take it in. It is recommended to try out the techniques over a longer period of time, this to really feel the effects. So I suggest to try a technique at least 4 weeks to feel if it works for you.

Can I do this course if I experience anxiety, stress, trauma?
– This course is meant for people who are dealing with this. The techniques shown in this course will help to ease the burden of these struggles and they even have the power to change your life!

Do the techniques in Healing Habits heal everything?
– They heal what you allow them to heal. It all starts with you and how you implement these techniques into your life. They defenitely have the power to heal you and even change your life.

What if I don’t notice any difference after doing these techniques?
– I would defenitely recommend doing the techniques over a longer period of time to really feel the effects. Ofcourse it is possible that one technique doesn’t resonate with you, then you are free to move on to another Healing Habit.

I don’t have time to do long and intense techniques, will this course work for me?
– Absolutely, the techniques shown in this course are perfect to add to your every day life. They are short but very effective. For some you have to take a bit more time, but no long and overwhelming techniques here!

Are these techniques safe?

-These Healing Habits are made for the sole purpose to make you feel better, both mentally and physically. But ofcourse, you shouldn’t force anything. If something does not feel right, don’t do it. Do what feels good, that way the techniques will only work better.

Can I do these techniques at home?

– For sure, you can do them at home, but also during a short walk to work or in nature. There are many techniques shown, for several circumstances and situations.

How can this help me heal?
– The Healing Habits are meant to build your trust, feel connected to body and mind in a positive way, so you can feel trust in yourself again and leave insecurity and a negative mindset behind. The techniques will help you in your healing journey, wherever you are in that process. Self-love is the foundation in all these techniques.

I am not a spiritual person, can I still do this course?
– Ofcourse, you don’t have to be spiritual to do the techniques shown in the course. You do have to be open to healing and the amazingness that will follow!

Is there an option to practise these Healing Habits with you?
-Absolutely! I offer private coaching to anyone who wants to heal. There are two options in my coaching: Healing Haven and Safe Space, for zoom sessions of 40 minutes. In Healing Haven we will work with these techniques shown in the course together. And in Safe Space I will provide just that: a safe space for your healing to happen. Please check this page for more info.